Tuesday, March 25, 2014

End-of-Season Relay--What's That All About?

Grooming ends at Cabin Creek, and indeed all the Snoqualmie Summit snow-parks, this weekend, and that means this Wednesday is the last headlamp race of the season.  So sad!  But let's finish it off with a bang -- the traditional end-of-season relay and party, with prizes!

Here's how it works.  All season you've been able to just show up and race whenever you want to, but not this week -- it's a mass start at 6:30, so plan to be in the stadium area around 6:15 to get organized.  Mr Helly Hansen, Brent Turner, will select two-person teams, mixing up slow skiers and fast skiers and young and old and classic and skating.  (Don't fret if you're a fast skier; all the age-group winners have already been determined, so you won't lose any points by being paired with a slow-poke.)  Each team will have one classic skier and one skate skier, and each team member will ski three sprint laps, alternating with their teammate, for a total of six laps per team.

The sprint course starts on the road, turns right on Amabilis Road and then right again onto the Berg loop (so we're skiing the Berg in reverse -- fun!), around the PK loop in reverse, and then back to the road to tag your teammate.  Doing the course backwards turns it into a whole new day, and since there aren't likely to be any non-racers about, we don't have to worry about smacking into anyone.

After the relay and any cool-down laps you want to ski, we'll head up to the cabin for dinner (bring your own), announcements of age-group winners, and prizes from our fabulous sponsor, Helly Hansen.  And that will be it for another year.  This is a super fun evening and you definitely won't want to miss it, because it's going to be a long nine months until we headlamp race again.  See you there!


  1. Hi - a few skiers asked if I could bring up some Madshus REDLINE skis tomorrow. I have some skate and classic skis and a couple pairs of Super Nano skate boots. I will bring these up. I plan to be there by five. Cheers!

  2. If interested, please bring your NNN-compatible boots. Cheers!