Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 19, Classic

No word on conditions, but here are the results:

5k classic

Christopher Fast, 47, 18:41
Jeff Clark, 60, 21:00
Jim Slyfield, 56, 21:14
Sharon Chen, 49, 26:29
Pat Kaald, 76, 39:00

Just Skiin'

Peter Turcan
Ozzie Nordheim
Gunnar Unneland
Per Johnsen
Paul Kaald
Bert Larsson
Susie Larsson
Jon Fewster
Russell Stevenson
Rebecca Queitszch

Heads up for next week: the end of season relay and party!  The relay starts at 6:30; more details will be coming in a couple of days.  See you there!

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