Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 26, Skating

I missed out on headlamp skiing AGAIN, but that's okay; Chris Fast sent us this report.

"The weather was perfect and the snow was pretty darned fast."

And these results:

Brad Bauer  12:39
Jon Fewster  14:13
Chris Fast  15.12
John Outterson  15.43
Jeff Clark  18:00
Ryan Jones-Casey  19:00
Dan Moore  20:20
Sharon Chen  21:48
Dale Bohm  22:01
Greg Jacobson  23:00
Ian Whyte, creating his own loop on the road+Viking+Ozbaldy, 45:50

Plus lots of people just skin'.

And here's the great news -- with all the snow we finally got, no one wants to stop headlamp skiing, so Brent is extending the race season to the end of March!  Check out the new schedule on the left, and keep charging your headlamp.  See you next Wednesday!

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