Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's Over

... as if you didn't already know.  Here is Nick's grooming report from this morning, high up on Amabilis.

31 degrees and heavy snow.  3 inches new snow.

  Groomed left Y from saddle up to top.   Set track. 

 Winter blizzard this morning but expect rapidly rising freezing levels this afternoon.  Get a snow fix while you can.  This could be it for the season. 

Go get it if you can get away from work today.  If not, have a great summer, train hard, train often, rest well, eat right, and see you next winter!  Look for a new headlamp schedule to be posted in December, and in the meantime, come join us for trail work parties in the fall; they make Mother Nature happy and maybe she'll smile on us next winter.