Monday, December 12, 2016

We're Moving to Facebook!

It's a new year, a new winter, a new headlamp race season, and this year all the action is at the new Facebook public group, "Wednesday Headlamp Nordic Series"!  The schedule is posted over there, you can take a picture of the sign-in sheet for instant results posting, you can update your friends on snow conditions and grooming and race stories.  Join the group, and we'll see you there!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Results -- March 9 (Relay)

 A thousand thank yous to Chris Fast for the results and the awesome race report:

It was one of those nights where it can't decide whether it is raining or snowing.  In other words, a perfect night to dust off the Zeros!  It may be the first time I've ever raced with a goretex shell on.  However, the weather at Cabin Creek wasn't really that bad compared to the rain on the west side of Snoqualmie Pass, which was coming down so hard I had to drop the speed below 85mph. The weather reports kept all but a hardy six racers from showing up.  The Momentum group skidaddled as soon as they saw the masters racers show up, saying things like, "Oh, look at the time," or "I'm wet. Can we go now?"  The weather brought out some interesting moisture-loving wildlife.  I came across six long-toed salamanders in the classic track.  Perhaps they were organizing their own relay?  Even a hellgramite wandered across the track in the stadium area.  Not sure what body of water he came from or where he was headed...

The six racers formed three teams that corresponded to three divisions:  men's, women's, and co-ed.  It was an glorious night for Cabin Creek Headlamp Racing!  Each team managed to win its division handily!  After the race, racers retreated to the cabin to change clothes and participate in the awards ceremonies which included podium girls, large prize purses, solid gold trophies, lots of champagne spraying about (requiring another change of clothes), and a banquet attended by many guests and dignitaries (one of whom I had to pluck out of a mouse trap and dispose of).


The Spectacular Skiers: Delaney Jackson (age 10) and Gina Jackson, 48:04

The Sufferin' Skaters: Jon Fewster and Jeff Clark, 39:06

Fast/Chick: Joy Cordell and Chris Fast, 42:52

Friday, March 4, 2016

Results -- March 2 (classic)

Ian's comment on the evening:

"Seldom has such animated poling produced so little forward progress."

So enigmatic, so powerful, yet so sad.

The results:

Chris Fast, 49, 18:05
Jim Slyfield, 58, 23:07
Ian Whyte, 53, 24:45
Gina Jackson, 47, 26:42
Pat Kaald, 78, 32:00

Delaney Jackson, 10, 14:12

Just Skiin'
Ozzie Nordheim
Tim Melbourne

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Results - Feb 24 (skate)

Tim Melbourne, 47, 16:02
Jeff Clark, 62, 18:51
Ian Whyte, 53, 20:18
Gina Jackson, 47, 20:58
Joy Cordell, 23:41

Delaney Jackson, 10, 10:45

Results - Feb 17 (Classic)

Christopher Fast, 49, 17:55
Jeff Clark, 62, 22:20
Megan Northey, 25, 29:18
Joy Cordell, 31:something

Just Skiin'
Ian Whyte
Kaiam Whyte

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Results -- Feb 10 (Classic or Skate?)

Who knows?  The schedule said skate; the sign-up sheet says classic, so I put everyone's time down, whatever it was!  And by everyone, I mean three people racing.  Where is everyone?

Chris Fast, 49, 17:29
Gina Jackson, 47, 19:41
Ian Whyte, 30:45

Just Skiin'
Eric Hansen and the fam

Results -- Feb 3 (Skate)

Big thanks to Chris Fast for sending two weeks of results!

Chris Fast, 49, 16:57
James West, 47, 19:35
Ian Whyte, 53, 20:04
Eric Hansen, 57, 20:58
Gina Jackson, 47, 21:22
Rainey Hoffman, 44, 24:45
Brad Weed, 50, 25:06

Delaney Jackson, 10, 10:18

Just Skiin'
Jeff Clark
Tim Melbourne
Brad Bauer
Russell Stevenson
Loren Hanson

Friday, January 29, 2016

Results-January 27 (classic)

I didn't hear any news about conditions on Wednesday night, but I'm guessing the word of the day was "wet."  Many thanks to Jeffy for sending me the results, and a big "way to go!" to the Bush kids who came and raced!  Alas, they didn't put down any times, so they're on the "Just Skiing" list for this week.  Keep up the good work!

Ian Whyte, 53, 22:15
Jeff Clark, 62, 24:00
Paul Kaald, 82, 45:27
(Paul threw in an extra trip out to the stop sign to keep it interesting)

Just Skiing
Pat Kaald
Jonathan Loeffler
Tim Melbourne
Eight Bush School kids

Friday, January 22, 2016

Results-January 20 (Skate)

Chris reports "interesting conditions with all the tree bombs and branches on the trail," but I told him he's lucky he wasn't there yesterday; with the non-stop pass closures, he'd still be there!  (which would actually be pretty fun)  I was fascinated by the pass reports; the DOT basically just gave up with all the heavy wet snow and closed both Stevens and Snoqualmie Passes for pretty much all day.  Crazy winter we're having; get up there and headlamp ski in it!

Chris Fast, 49, 16:35
Eric Hansen, 57, 18:26
James West, 47, 18:42
Jeff Clark, 62, 20:24
Alex Blanton, 46, 22:56
Ian Whyte, 53, 23:15
Gina Jackson, 47, 24:45
Joy Cordell,   , 33:13

Delaney Jackson, 10, 12:38

Just Skiin'
Brad Weed 
Jon Fewster
Russell Stevenson
Mark Hanson

Friday, January 15, 2016

We have results! Jan 6 and Jan 13

Many thanks to Ian, who dropped off the sign-up sheet, and to Chris, who picked it up at the end of the night and sent it to me.  At last, we have results!

Jan 13, classic

Chris's report on conditions:
Low turn out last night, which is too bad, because conditions were pretty good.  As usual, great grooming, but with some tree detritus on the trail.  Started snowing hard during my first lap, and I lost my glide during the second lap.  
Not included on the sheets are the Bush School and Momentum groups that were leaving just as we arrived.  
The hat-snatching barred owl is already busy establishing his territory.  He was calling very close to the trail where Berg and Viking fork.

Several people reported mouse sightings also.  Mouse poop is not our friend, so people, remember to pick up all the crumbs!  There is no maid service or garbage service at the cabin, so it's our job to clean up and carry out all the garbage so our little furry friends will stay outside, where the owl will catch them.

Christopher Fast, 49, 19:14
James West, 47, 23:47 (used VR55)
Jeff Clark, 62, 24:00
Gina Jackson, 47, 35:12

Delaney Jackson, 10, 18:36

Just Skiin':
Alma Fast, 10
Kaiam Whyte, 9
Ian Whyte, 53
John Otterson, 45 (skated)

Jan 6, skate
Egor Klevan, 31, 14:20
Nils Melbourne, 14, 18:30
Jim West, 47, 18:38
Mike Stacey, 47, 19:26
Liz Mitchell, 48, 20:01
John Roelke, 48, 20:19
Nikolay Anikevich, 32, 21:15
Maxim Kuzito, 40, 21:15
Gina Jackson, 47, 24:49
Ian Whyte, 53, 25:00
Stephen Hills, 29, 30:18
Rainey Hoffman, 44, 31:21

Delaney Jackson, 10, 12:19

Just Skiin'
Sharon Chen

Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Race of the Year -- Any Results?

I heard the skiing was pretty darn nice last night.  Did anyone pick up the results?  If you did and can send them to me, I'll post them on this blog and you can see how you stacked up.

Reminder -- this Sunday is the Gunnar Hagen, 7.5k and 30k of classic fun at Cabin Creek.  The race was canceled the last two years due to lack of snow, so don't let this one get away!