Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb 23, Classic

Wow.  Chris Caviezel is reporting 54 inches of snow in the last 60 hours!  Did anyone make it up there last night?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 23, Conditions Preview

Yikes!  Kent reports that he is slowly coming back from the pass, with heavy snow and cars in the ditch.  He skied at exit 62 and said within 15 minutes, his tracks were filled in.  If you go, be careful!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 16, Skating -- RESULTS!

Finally ... sorry for the delay!  There might have been some creative course design this week: it looks like some of you added the PK loop and some did not, and at least one of you did the upper part of the Berg loop instead of the road.  It's all good.

Masters, 5k

Jon Fewster, 13:58
Christopher Fast, 15:30
Alex Horner-Devine, 15:57
Bryan Schaeffer, 16:18
Eric Kamila, 16:22
Jim Cahill, 16:45
Jeff McGrew, 17:04
Dale Bohm, 18:03
Ian Whtyte, 20:55
Peter Turcan, 23:15
Tim Melbourne, 77:77

Just Skiin'

Brian Dumais (20k, 1:01)
Brad Laesch
Ronnie Schmeer (2xViking)
Jason, Anita, and nine Bush School kids
Robert Gordon (4xBerg)

This week: classic, and a possibility of fresh snow!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 16, Skating

It looks like at least a couple of racers made it up there last night!  Dale reports fine skiing under clear skies and a full moon.  He said the course was groomed Tuesday night, but another couple inches of fresh snow after that made the skiing slow but fun.

Anyone else?

Masters, 5k Skating

Chris Fast, 15:xx
Jeff McGrew, 17:04
Dale Bohm, 18:03
Ian Whyte, 20:xx
Peter Turcan, 23:15

[note: I'm told there is a sign-up sheet with 15 to 20 names on it -- hopefully I can find it this weekend!]

Next week: classic.  This weekend: Stampede!  5k and 15k at Cabin Creek -- you've been training for this one all winter!  Details at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 16, A Little Help?

I'm not going to make it up there tonight, so if everyone who goes could email me their times, I'll compile a results list.  And if someone wanted to send me a conditions report, that would be great!  Have fun, everyone -- it's snowing up there!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 9, Classic

When Peter Boveng walks across the bridge to the ski trails and steps onto the snow and gets a big smile on his face and says, "Ooh, fast!", that can only mean ... ice.  Again.  The course was wicked fast last night, rock solid, with classic tracks blasted out of cement.  Even the laps of the skating bikers couldn't soften it last night.  Even a whole posse of skiers doing multiple laps couldn't destroy those tracks.  For good downhillers, it was pure fun; for timid downhillers, it was fantastic training, spending some time at uncomfortable speeds.  For everyone, it was another in a never-ending streak of excellent nights of headlamp skiing!  Easy driving, smooth grooming, temps in the upper 20's, clear sky, with a quarter moon bright enough to cast shadows and blot out all but the brightest stars.  We're halfway through the season; if you've been thinking about coming up, it's time!

Next week: skating.  Good luck to everyone going to the Langlauf, the Nickel Loppet, and the Cariboo!

Masters, 5k

Jeff Hashimoto, 13:17
Brian Dumais, 13:53
Peter Boveng, 14:38
Brent Turner, 14:39
Kyle Nagle, 14:48
Jeff McGrew, 17:22
Eric Kamila, 17:50
Jim Cahill, 18:28
Chip Nevin, 19:45
Ian Whyte, 23:10
Amy Snover, 26:00
Debbie Kolp, 28:15
Tim Melbourne, 77:77

Juniors, 2.5k

Magnus Melbourne, 7:52
Nils Melbourne, 8:12

Just Skiin'

Jessica Kleiss (one lap, 15:25)
Robert, Kris and Karen Gordon
Anita Campbell, Jason Paur, and 14 Bush kids
Ben Corwin
Carey Gazis
skating bikers
other nameless people

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 9, Conditions Preview

Just heard that Ozzie and the Wednesday guys spent the morning finishing the repairs on the Berg loop washout.  A LOT of man-hours of hard physical labor have been going into that washout, so many thanks to everyone who has contributed to that little project!

Ozzie also reports that it's really nice up there today, with fast corn snow, and he set a track around the whole Berg loop, including the washout repair section.  Time for some classic skiing!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb 2, Skate

Wow, we almost forgot what to do when the temperature actually drops below freezing!  The chilly clear air made for a gorgeous night of skiing: a dark dark sky, with billions and billions of stars.  You could turn off your headlamp when no one was around and look far into the universe, searching for those new suns that might have livable planets circling around them.  The parking lot was a sheet of ice (be careful out there!), and almost full of cars.  Robert did the best he could with the course, but this interminable thaw/freeze/thaw/freeze cycle we're stuck in has turned that stuff on the ground into something that doesn't remotely resemble snow -- it's just rock solid ice.  Fortunately, a couple of turns around the course by a bunch of skaters sugars up the top layer and it becomes really nice, really fast skiing!  And, of course, there is always the cabin afterward, to change clothes and eat dinner and share stories with your headlamping friends.

Next week: classic (hope for snow so Robert can actually set a track).  Good luck to everyone heading to the Race of the Methow (boasting of excellent trail conditions, clear and cool weather) or the Boulder Mountain Tour (where I hear it's -6F!).

Masters, 5k skate

Kyle Nagle, 37, 13:07
Peter Boveng, 52, 13:17
Jim Wood, 28, 13:29
Alex Gardner, 40, 13:30
Jason Paur, 40, 13:37
Jim Cahill, 48, 13:42
Bryan Schaeffer, 34, 13:48
Chris Fast, 44, 13:50
Jeff McGrew, 50, 14:15
Alex Horner-Devine, 38, 14:20
Eric Kamila, 37, 14:35
Romic Scheet, 42, 14:35
Dale Bohm, 52, 15:00
Mona Deprey, 44, 15:02
Chip Nevins, 52, 15:08
Rolf Sunnerup, 15:13
Carey Gazis, 48, 17:10
Heidi Fischer, 25, 17:37
Amy Snover, 42, 18:29
Ian Whyte, 48, 18:50
Peter Turcan, 19:17
Debbie Kolp. 57, 27:06 (classic)
Guillaume Mauger, 31, 38:04 (classic)
Tim Melbourne, 99:99 (can't read your handwriting, Tim!)

Juniors, 2.5k

Nils Melbourne, 8:32
Magnus Melbourne, 8:43

Just Skiin'

Terry Buchanan
Spencer Reeder
Anita Campbell and nine Bush kids
Michael Wenger (Night of Adventure award: Michael skied around the Amabilis loop in the dark, by himself, with his headlamp; it was so icy he used skins for both the uphills and the downhills!)