Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 6, Skate

The first headlamp race of the season, and it was as dark and cold and icy as the inside of the freezer, or, as Elizabeth so delicately put it, "hard as rocks and cold as snot." Even so, it was really fun to come up to Cabin Creek for the evening and see the parking lot full of cars, the trails full of headlamps, and the dark dark sky full of stars. Inside the cabin, it was cheery and bright, and we warmed up with the scrumptious chocolate cake Jim made for ... someone's birthday.

Come on up and join us next week -- there is no better way to shake off the dust of your office!

Masters, 5k
Brad Bauer, 36, 11:31
Rune Harkestad, 45, 12:07
Chris Clark, 27, 12:43
Jon Fewster, 39, 12:58
Arnie Liati, 40, 13:30
Brian Dumais, 52, 13:58
Jeremy Littell, 35, 14:00
Sergei Ivanov, 28, 14:06
Tim Melbourne, 41, 14:06
Kyle Nagle, 35 (36 on Saturday!), 14:10
Peter Boveng, 51, 14:16
Robert Hardwick, 51, 14:40
Jeff McGrew, 50, 15:11
Nikolay Nachev, how old are you?, 15:20
Brian Palm, 50, 15:24
Max Limb,64, 16:02
Dale Bohm, 51. 16:11
Rolf Sunnerup, 44, 16:20
Jessica Kleiss, 32, 17:42
Eric Kamila, 36, 18:29
Ann Grodnik, 34, 19:47
Elizabeth Bailey, 49, 23:17

Juniors, 2.5k
Gareth Hardwick, 14, 7:14

Tiny Juniors, 2k
Magnus Melbourne, 10, 6:09
Nils Melbourne, 8, 6:14

plus Jason Paur, Catherine Centanni, and 18 Bush School kids

plus Marla Husnik, Tim, a parent, and 12 Lakeside School kids

Alternate workout: the Lonely Classic Skier found the course too icy to be fun and did 25x55-second double pole intervals on the road instead.

If I got your name or time wrong, please post a comment -- I took off the comment restrictions, so it should be open to everyone.

See you next week!


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  2. Joe B. says:

    Check out for ski racing and training information!

    Latest classic technique video just posted! ;)

  3. plus Joy Cordell, her friend Cindy, from Team in Training, and me (*MariaB*)

  4. I'm not seeing my name on the result list... Jeff Borg, toward to the bottom...