Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan 12, Classic

Hey, guess what!  Some people did make it up to the pass for headlamp racing this week, notwithstanding the flooding roads, the slushy parking lot, the crusty trails.  I'm impressed!  Here are two stories; if anyone else made it up, let us know so we can admire you.

Jeremy Littel's story:
At 4:34 pm when you wrote the entry on the headlamp blog, I was headed up the highway with two others in the car to go skiing in the rain. There was impressive standing water on the highway, and I too got temporarily stuck in the parking lot, but nothing 5 minutes of shoveling couldn't fix. There were a handful of other cars.

We skied from about 6:20 to 7:30, and got pretty wet. There was skate lane set, but no classic tracks, so we had to make do. Skating would actually have been okay, if a little soft.

I skied a 22:23 5k classic on the standard course, maybe my slowest ever? Anyway, good to be skiing, but good to be home and dry too.
Rolf Sonnerup's story:
Ingrid Tohver, Jeremy Littel and I must've really needed to get out.

Raining HARD at the summit, deep water on the highway, and anyway we've driven this far, why not?  At 6:15, freshly groomed but no classic tracks. Light rain. Ingrid (3rd time on skis) did the road and declared 'this is so beautiful!' JL and I did the TT, Jeremy came in at 22:22 and I was, amazingly, done in 2:25. Amazing because we did not ski together. Later we discovered that my skis (rilled very coarse) were running substantially faster than Jeremy's. I would stand and scratch myself on slight downhills [ed. note: he means adjust his headlamp] with Jeremy double poling the same pace. this explains the near coincidence as JL > RS in reality world.

Pity there weren't more folks - the skiing wasn't as bad as it looked. Yes, we got stuck in the parking lot. yes, it was raining. anyway it was nice.
Masters, 5k

Jeremy Littel, 22:23
Rolf Sonnerup, 22:25

Next week: skating.  This weekend: Gunnar Hagen, come hell or high water!  Pre-register and get all the info you need at

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