Monday, December 10, 2012

Headlamp Racing is Back!

Headlamp racing's guiding light Brent Turner is starting the new season off with a new schedule, a new contest, and some reminders.  The schedule is posted over to the left; the rest of the details are here:

New Things: photo contest!  Send me your headlamp racing photos, and the best one will win a prize at the season-ending barbecue.  Another new thing: the skiathlon continuous pursuit: one lap classic, one lap skate; good practice for the Kongsberger skiathlon the following weekend!

Awards: attendance award -- all you have to do is show up every week! -- and age group winners, weighted by the number of people in that age group.

Guidelines: The self-recording time sheet will be in the cabin, on the honor system.  Please sign in even if you don't want to put down a time so we can impress our sponsors with how many people are coming.

If you're skiing on trails other than the race course, go with a friend; cougars, owls, and hypothermia are out there.

It's best to use a headlamp with at least 100 lumens (you can get one for $50-$100).

Masters race two laps of the Berg loop and the PK loop; juniors one lap.  However, safety or trail conditions may dictate changing the course on any given race night.

Participants are welcome to use the waxing shed for waxing and the cabin for eating dinner, changing clothes, and telling stories -- be sure to pack out your own garbage, because there is no garbage pickup there.

Groomed snow-park permits are required to park at Cabin Creek, and car-pooling is encouraged.

This event is non-sanctioned.  It's just a bunch of skiers, skiing around in the dark with their headlamps, and it is totally fun and the best thing you can do with your Wednesday night.

See you next month!

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