Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 5, Skating

Brrr!  Way too cold for me, but a handful of hardy Vikings made it up there and raced.  Peter sends us this succinct report -- he's probably too frozen to write any more.  Nice work, guys; now go get some hot chocolate!

Six degrees F with a nice little breeze. Very very very hard snow.

Nolan Poulin 23 12:53
Peter Boveng 55 14:30
Jon Fewster 43 14:51
Brent Turner 59 16:01
Jeff McGrew 54 16:39
Jim Slyfield 56 17:49
Dale Bohm 55 20:29
Ian Whyte (unlisted time)

Plus Jeff and Carey and a bunch of Ellensburg kids and parents and a bunch of Bush School kids.


  1. 2.5 K (sloppy timekeeping with heavy gloves and all)
    Isaac "2 crash" Korry, 13, ~ 9:30
    Ingemar Sonnerup, 14, ~9:40
    Finn Sonnerup, 10, 10:25

  2. Thanks for the update, Mr Anonymous! What was your time??