Saturday, February 13, 2016

Results -- Feb 10 (Classic or Skate?)

Who knows?  The schedule said skate; the sign-up sheet says classic, so I put everyone's time down, whatever it was!  And by everyone, I mean three people racing.  Where is everyone?

Chris Fast, 49, 17:29
Gina Jackson, 47, 19:41
Ian Whyte, 30:45

Just Skiin'
Eric Hansen and the fam


  1. Oops! I think Christopher and I just assumed we were alternating weeks (I know I did). Sorry about that.

    Also - Kaiam and I are headed to the Methow Wednesday. There's a chance we might ski at Cabin Creek on the way, in which case I'll put the sheet out on the couner,, but it probably would be good to have a backup plan for getting it out.

  2. Not a problem -- I'm just happy the two of you are sending me results every week!