Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar 3, Skate

I was on vacation in the Land of Snow for the last two weeks, so I'm trying to catch up with all of you headlampers. Brent sent me a report from last week; it looks like racers did a variety of courses, which will make it interesting for him to figure out the age group winners!

Here is his report on conditions:

We had wet snow which froze up later in the evening under clear skies. Due to the increasingly thin snow in some places, a variety of courses was skied. Most opted for down the road, around Berg, around Pk x2. Unless more snow/less snow happens, that will be the course for next week, too.

Next week, March 17, is the last week of this year's headlamp race season, so save the date. It's hard to believe this rainy winter is over already, but now it's time to celebrate. We'll do two-person pick-your-own-partner sprint relays starting at 6:30 (no variable starts this time) and a big party in the cabin afterward, possibly with prizes from our sponsors. (I haven't checked with Brent yet, so maybe I'm dreaming this part.) Don't miss it!

Masters, ???k
Option A: two laps of Berg plus PK

Jim Slyfield, 17:32
Dale Bohm, 18:45

Option B: two laps out the road to Berg and PK
Brian Dumais, 14:24
Christopher Fast, 14:25
Brent Turner, 14:47
Jeremy Littell, 15:36
Rob Lehtiner, 16:40
Jim Wood, 17:28
Jessica Kleiss, 18:01
Eric Kamila, 18:37
Carey Gazis, 20:30

Option C: two laps out the road to Berg with no PK
Jon Fewster, 12:10
Brad Kaesch, 13:36
Mona Deprey, 15:50

Just Skiin'
Ozzie Nordheim (also setting the tracks; thanks, Ozzie!)
Frank Harris
Rob Corkran
Kent Murdoch
Roberto Carcelen (Peru's Olympic team; yay, Roberto!)
Jason Paur
Catherina C.
Kyle Nagle (cooling down after the American Birkebeiner)
Dan Gilchrist
Kevin Wood,
Sharon Chen
US Census Lady (huh?)

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