Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 24, Classic

Slyfield's inspirational words greeted us when we arrived: "Embrace the suck!" You really had to love skiing to head up to the pass this week, what with the temps in the upper 30's, heavy heavy rain, and areas of standing water on the freeway. But sure enough, there was a handful of cars in the parking lot, a smattering of headlamps on the trails, and the cabin, warm and glowing in the trees, drawing us in after our race for dry clothes and Olympics talk, along with some spicy German beer Jon discovered in Munich and gooey brownies someone left for us.

Robert, glass half full, summed it up: "The snow is surprisingly not that bad!" Most of the course had been groomed for skating, leaving a firm wet platform, so we set our own tracks, and it was a fine exercise in balance and technique. Jon and Brian declared it perfect conditions for zeros and fluoros, while Chris's colorful mix of klisters gave him neither kick nor glide. A great time was had by all; thanks, guys, for a fun evening!

Bonus points for the drive up: in between downpours, a symphony, Variations on a Rainbow. Bonus points for the drive home: the moon, peeking out and turning the billowy clouds silver.

Next week: skating -- ski it while we have it! Good luck to everyone headed to the American Birkebeiner!

Masters, 5k
Jon Fewster, 16:44
Brian Dumais, 17:20
Chris Fast, 21:22
Dale Bohm, 23:14
Jim Slyfield, 27:52
Debbie Kolp, 29:00

Just Skiin'
Frank Harris
Gunnar Unneland
Jim Lindsey
Robert Hardwick
Kevin Wood
Sharon Chen
Dan Gilchrist
Eric Kamila

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  1. Snow is thin but we will be having the race this week. It is suppose to be Classic, we will post if this is a change.