Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 9, Classic

When Peter Boveng walks across the bridge to the ski trails and steps onto the snow and gets a big smile on his face and says, "Ooh, fast!", that can only mean ... ice.  Again.  The course was wicked fast last night, rock solid, with classic tracks blasted out of cement.  Even the laps of the skating bikers couldn't soften it last night.  Even a whole posse of skiers doing multiple laps couldn't destroy those tracks.  For good downhillers, it was pure fun; for timid downhillers, it was fantastic training, spending some time at uncomfortable speeds.  For everyone, it was another in a never-ending streak of excellent nights of headlamp skiing!  Easy driving, smooth grooming, temps in the upper 20's, clear sky, with a quarter moon bright enough to cast shadows and blot out all but the brightest stars.  We're halfway through the season; if you've been thinking about coming up, it's time!

Next week: skating.  Good luck to everyone going to the Langlauf, the Nickel Loppet, and the Cariboo!

Masters, 5k

Jeff Hashimoto, 13:17
Brian Dumais, 13:53
Peter Boveng, 14:38
Brent Turner, 14:39
Kyle Nagle, 14:48
Jeff McGrew, 17:22
Eric Kamila, 17:50
Jim Cahill, 18:28
Chip Nevin, 19:45
Ian Whyte, 23:10
Amy Snover, 26:00
Debbie Kolp, 28:15
Tim Melbourne, 77:77

Juniors, 2.5k

Magnus Melbourne, 7:52
Nils Melbourne, 8:12

Just Skiin'

Jessica Kleiss (one lap, 15:25)
Robert, Kris and Karen Gordon
Anita Campbell, Jason Paur, and 14 Bush kids
Ben Corwin
Carey Gazis
skating bikers
other nameless people

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