Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 16, Skating -- RESULTS!

Finally ... sorry for the delay!  There might have been some creative course design this week: it looks like some of you added the PK loop and some did not, and at least one of you did the upper part of the Berg loop instead of the road.  It's all good.

Masters, 5k

Jon Fewster, 13:58
Christopher Fast, 15:30
Alex Horner-Devine, 15:57
Bryan Schaeffer, 16:18
Eric Kamila, 16:22
Jim Cahill, 16:45
Jeff McGrew, 17:04
Dale Bohm, 18:03
Ian Whtyte, 20:55
Peter Turcan, 23:15
Tim Melbourne, 77:77

Just Skiin'

Brian Dumais (20k, 1:01)
Brad Laesch
Ronnie Schmeer (2xViking)
Jason, Anita, and nine Bush School kids
Robert Gordon (4xBerg)

This week: classic, and a possibility of fresh snow!

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