Monday, March 14, 2011

Mar 16, Preview

It's time for the end-of-season relay and party!

Relay: starts at 6:30.  Two-person teams, one skating and one classic.  Each person does three sprint laps (alternating skating and classic) around the first part of the Berg loop, then coming straight back down the road and around the little PK loop to tag your partner.  Results don't count for this one, so it's fun to mix up fast skiers and slow skiers.  We probably won't even need headlamps!

Party: bring your own food and drink; there may be a grill set up to barbecue.  Hopefully Brent will bring schwag for prizes, both age group winners and draw prizes.

This is always a super-fun evening, so bring your friends and come up for one last night of headlamp skiing before you get out your running shoes and mountain bikes!  See you there!

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