Friday, March 11, 2011

Mar 2, Skating

It looks like I missed some interesting weather while I was in Sweden!  Many thanks to Chris Fast for wading through two feet of snow to open up the cabin, putting out a list, collecting the results, and sending them to me.  Here is his report on conditions:

2 feet of fresh snow got groomed in the morning.  The track was very bumpy and rutted.  Poles with powder baskets were the gear of choice tonight, because the poles kept punching through.  The first time classic would have been considerably faster than skating!

I'll try to track down the results for the other week I missed; if anyone picked them up, please let me know.

Next week: end of season relay and party!  Details to come.

Masters, 5k Skating

Nikolay Nachev, 16:56
Chris Fast, 17:20
Eric Kamila, 17:50

Just Skiin'

Tim Melbourne
Jon Fewster
Brian Dumais

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  1. Here's what the Seattle Times will report on 1 April about the events of 9 March:

    "On an evening clad in soggy new snow best enjoyed from abar, countless classic-ers, including the intrepid Chris Fast, sped in the determined tracks of Jon Fewster around and around the Berg. Whether or not their times will ever surface is a question many have pondered, though likely not for long. Meanwhile, skating greenhorn Ian Whyte, doggedly determined to prepare for the upcoming Ozbaldy showdown, laid his own Vs around the Viking, completing the course in a modern record (as in biggest) time of 1:18:12, recording a mere three face-plants while herringboning up Ozbaldy herself. Unusual sounds seemingly emanating from the sauna in the wake of these events cannot yet be attributed to a single source."