Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jan 16, Classic

I was trapped at work while the rest of you skied, but Peter sent me this succinct, yet somehow poetic, report of conditions:
Skiing was good. Rather fast, slightly icy tracks. Pretty, slender moon.
The Petzl NAO (pronounced like "now") lamps are turning out to be quite the hit. They're lightweight, with bright and even lighting that adjusts instantly and as needed whenever you shift your gaze; for example, from the tracks just ahead to a point off in the distance. Testers have been saying things like, "Best headlamp I've ever used!"
Good luck to everyone doing the klister-heaven that will be the Gunnar Hagen this weekend -- don't forget to pre-register!  Next week, skating.

Two Laps
Brad Bauer 39 13.58
Jon Fewster 42 15.07
John Outterson 42 17.35 (all double pole)
Christopher Fast 46 17.41
Gilles Mougel 58 19.45
Mona Deprey 46 20.01
Max Limb 67 20.14
Dale Bohm 54 21.58
Jeff Clark 59 23.27
Ian Whyte 50 23.50
Joy Cordell 57 29.00
Sarah Phillips 42 31.00
Kirsten Wysen 48 33.30
Just Skiin'
Glenn Wysen
Jeff McGrew
Peter Boveng
Jonathan Loeffler
Douglas Holtan
18 Bush kids, loving the klister!

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