Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jan 23, Skate

Snowy snowy night ... snowy slippery drive up to the pass, snowy-but-plowed parking lot, snowy upper-20s temperatures, thick heavy snow on the trail, thick fluffy snow falling in our Mystical Cones of Headlamp Happiness. What a gorgeous night to be out skiing in the dark! It was a skating night, but the classic skiing was also glorious, especially after the track was skied in a little bit, and especially for someone who got to test-drive a pair of Jon Fewster's beautifully light and responsive Madshus Zeroes--perfect grip in the tracks, smooth-as-butter tracking down the hills and around the corners--and fell in love with them. The skiing was so wonderful, we hated to stop and go inside the cabin until we realized we were hungry and tomorrow was a work day. If you're not coming up here and skiing with us, why not?

Next week: classic. Good luck to everyone heading to the Methow Pursuit or the Marcialonga!

Two Laps
Kent Murdoch 51 14.28
Doug Reid 44 15.30
Jon Fewster 42 15.55
Chris Fast 46 16.17
John Outterson 42 16.20
Matt Sheeks 29 17.08
Jim Slyfield 55 19.06
Dale Bohm 54 19.51
Max Limb 67 20.02
James West 44 21.01
Ian Whyte 50 21.10
Jeff Clark 59 23.30
Joy Cordell 57 24.18
Debbie Kolp 59 32.44 (classic)
One Lap
Camille Moore 14 11.00
Just Skiin'
Jonathan Loeffler
John O'Brien
Brian Palm
Bonnie Loshbaugh
Alex Ingerman
17 Bush School kids

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