Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Race of the Season!

I know, I can hardly believe the headlamp race season is over either!   But it is, and that means this Wednesday is the end-of-season relay and party.  It's going to be raining up there, but don't let that stop you; the air will be fresh and clean in your lungs, the cabin will be warm and dry after your race, and you won't need your headlamps!

The relay: one person classic, one person skating, alternating for three laps each.  The lap is the sprint course: head out the upper Berg loop like you always do, but when you get to the intersection with the road, just come on back down the road and do the little PK loop before coming back to the start, where your partner is waiting for the tag.  Results don't count for anything, so it's nice and friendly if faster skiers pair up with slower ones.  Start time is 6:30, with classic skiers going first.  It is a VERY fun race, and kids are welcome!  I've already got dibs on Alma Fast as my partner.

After the race, and after your cool-down ski around the course (unless it's pouring rain), head on up to the cabin for dinner and prizes.  I don't think anyone is bringing a grill this year, so just bring whatever you want to eat -- the microwave, stove, and oven will be available, as well as the wood stove.  Mr Helly Hansen has set aside a box of prizes for us; I don't know what's in there, but we'll do some kind of prize drawing after we eat.

And that will be it for another year.  So sad it's over; so happy to get one more chance to ski with all of you.  See you there!

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