Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb 27, Classic

Many thanks to Peter Boveng, for picking up the race results and forwarding this awesome report of snow conditions:

"Soggy, semi-fresh snow that seemed like it was groomed by trolls."

Two Laps
Peter Boveng 54 16.25
Chris Fast 46 18.04
Jim Slyfield 55 20.03
Jim Cahill 50 20.05
Max Limb 67 20.10
Jim West 44 21.00
Jeff Clark 59 22.03
Joy Cordell 58 28.50
Elizabeth Bailey 52 29.46
Gina Jackson 43 36.24
Dee Gardner 48 36.57
Kim Saganski 51 41.04
Tom Flynn 50 41.02
One Lap
Cooper Jackson 11 17.43
Delaney Jackson 7 18.49
Just Skiin'
Jon Fewster
Ozzie Nordheim
Pat Kaald
Paul Kaald
Jonathan Loeffler
Oliver Isik
Galen Voorhees
Jason Paur

Next week: skating!  Only two more weeks of headlamp skiing, so if you've been thinking about coming, get your self up there before it's too late and you spend the whole summer wishing you had given it a try.  Good luck to everyone doing Vasaloppet this weekend!

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