Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 15, Classic

Hey, people went skiing!  Good for you, and good for you for making up whatever course you could think of to do.  Ian Whyte and his son Kaiam skied the "Borg" loop, which is the Berg loop from the road without the extra loop, in 19:24ish.  Dale Boehm skied from the Stampede start area to the end of the road and back in 14:47.  He reported seeing a pack of Ellensburg skiers, along with coaches Jeff, Carey, and Tim, but I haven't seen any race times for them.  Dale also sends us this conditions report and timely suggestion:

It was 35 degrees at 6:30pm and with day time highs in the
40s forecast for the next several days, I don't think the road will last
too much longer. Get it while you can!

And don't forget: the Amabilis Scramble is Sunday.  See you there, no matter what crazy conditions are thrown at us!

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