Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 22, Skate

Hurray for Ian "glass half full" Whyte, who appears to be the only person actually racing and timing himself on headlamp Wednesdays!  The rest of us, by which I mean me, stay late at work and stare morosely at the dank gray fog and hope for a polar vortex, or a bombogenesis, or just some good old wintry mix.

While we wait, here is Ian's report from this week.  I believe he is a shoo-in for the attendance prize this year!
The groomer's doing a fantastic job with the snow that's out there. I only skied the Borg and the Road (the stretch between the road and the cabin is sketchy), but it was fun! Two laps around the Borg in 19:50. Jeff and the Ellensberg kids were there as well as, I think, the Bush kids and their sawed-off yellow bus.

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