Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello, Headlamp Season 2015!

We're back!  Winter is here, and so is totally dark headlamp racing on Wednesday nights at Cabin Creek.  A new schedule is posted over there on the left.  You know the drill: it's totally dark out there, and we're self-lit, self-timed, start whenever you want to, race against your friends or race against yourself, then go up to the cabin to change clothes and eat dinner and compare stories ... and put down your time on the sign-up sheet.  That's it!

Brent sends us a few reminders:

  • Timing is on the honor system, and cheaters never prosper.
  • If you're skiing on trails other than the race loop (which is the Berg and PK loops), ski with a friend.  Out there be cougars and owls and hypothermia.
  • It's best to use a headlamp of at least 100 lumens, because it's pitch black out there.  A headlamp like that will run you about $50-$100, and don't forget that Petzl is one of our sponsors.
  • On any given night, safety and/or snow conditions may require a change in the course, so just chill and go with the flow.
  • Participants are welcome in the cabin and wax shed, but be sure to take away your trash; there is no garbage pickup up there.
  • Snowpark permits with groomed stickers are required; carpooling is encouraged.
  • This is a nonsanctioned event, so no whining, no complaining, and save your drama for your mama.
  • Awards are given for overall attendance and in age groups: top five results in an age group count, and first in class with five people racing gets five points, first in class with two people racing gets two points, and etc.
See you out there!

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