Thursday, February 5, 2015

"An Unexpected Joy"

Wow, even the ever-optimistic Nick sounds a little discouraged in his grooming report from this morning: "36 degrees and raining."  We all share his pain; it snowed a little bit earlier this week, but now the freezing level has gone flying back up to 6,000 freakin' feet and it's raining hard.  Sigh.

But Ian and his son went headlamp skiing last night, and found a happy place nonetheless.  Here is their report; thanks for sending!  Did anyone else make it?

Kaiam and Ian made it up - they report that, in another year they might have said the Viking was a little gloppy, but the presence of even an inch or two of bare-spot covering new snow qualified the conditions as great and made skiing it an unexpected joy for them.

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