Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ice, Man

People, I don't know what to tell you.  Nick the groomer laid out this very thorough description of the conditions up there as of this afternoon -- thanks, Nick, for the great report! -- and I heard this evening that the skiing is actually very good on Amabilis (25 inches!), beginning about a hundred yards below the Y.  Maybe the headlamp race needs to move up to the Y!  As always this winter, if you go, let us know!

45 degrees and broken clouds.

  3-inch base at lower trails and 25 inches on Amabilis Mtn.

The Road has a couple large bare spots and is mostly ice. Skiers have been skiing classic up the side but it's very icy. We will not be grooming it unless we get more snow or it cools down for a couple days. 

The Berg and Viking have melted out in numerous large areas. No more grooming them unless we get more snow. 

We are planning to groom the Amabilis loop tomorrow and the rest of the week. The left Y is in better shape then the right. Good snow from below the Y and the hike up does have a few ice patches you will have to skirt around. 

The weekend does look cooler and a huge improvement from last week.

Think snow...

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