Friday, January 22, 2016

Results-January 20 (Skate)

Chris reports "interesting conditions with all the tree bombs and branches on the trail," but I told him he's lucky he wasn't there yesterday; with the non-stop pass closures, he'd still be there!  (which would actually be pretty fun)  I was fascinated by the pass reports; the DOT basically just gave up with all the heavy wet snow and closed both Stevens and Snoqualmie Passes for pretty much all day.  Crazy winter we're having; get up there and headlamp ski in it!

Chris Fast, 49, 16:35
Eric Hansen, 57, 18:26
James West, 47, 18:42
Jeff Clark, 62, 20:24
Alex Blanton, 46, 22:56
Ian Whyte, 53, 23:15
Gina Jackson, 47, 24:45
Joy Cordell,   , 33:13

Delaney Jackson, 10, 12:38

Just Skiin'
Brad Weed 
Jon Fewster
Russell Stevenson
Mark Hanson

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