Friday, January 15, 2016

We have results! Jan 6 and Jan 13

Many thanks to Ian, who dropped off the sign-up sheet, and to Chris, who picked it up at the end of the night and sent it to me.  At last, we have results!

Jan 13, classic

Chris's report on conditions:
Low turn out last night, which is too bad, because conditions were pretty good.  As usual, great grooming, but with some tree detritus on the trail.  Started snowing hard during my first lap, and I lost my glide during the second lap.  
Not included on the sheets are the Bush School and Momentum groups that were leaving just as we arrived.  
The hat-snatching barred owl is already busy establishing his territory.  He was calling very close to the trail where Berg and Viking fork.

Several people reported mouse sightings also.  Mouse poop is not our friend, so people, remember to pick up all the crumbs!  There is no maid service or garbage service at the cabin, so it's our job to clean up and carry out all the garbage so our little furry friends will stay outside, where the owl will catch them.

Christopher Fast, 49, 19:14
James West, 47, 23:47 (used VR55)
Jeff Clark, 62, 24:00
Gina Jackson, 47, 35:12

Delaney Jackson, 10, 18:36

Just Skiin':
Alma Fast, 10
Kaiam Whyte, 9
Ian Whyte, 53
John Otterson, 45 (skated)

Jan 6, skate
Egor Klevan, 31, 14:20
Nils Melbourne, 14, 18:30
Jim West, 47, 18:38
Mike Stacey, 47, 19:26
Liz Mitchell, 48, 20:01
John Roelke, 48, 20:19
Nikolay Anikevich, 32, 21:15
Maxim Kuzito, 40, 21:15
Gina Jackson, 47, 24:49
Ian Whyte, 53, 25:00
Stephen Hills, 29, 30:18
Rainey Hoffman, 44, 31:21

Delaney Jackson, 10, 12:19

Just Skiin'
Sharon Chen


  1. Hi -- what route do people ski. The Road? Berg loop? Something else? Thanks!

  2. The race course is the Berg loop and the little PK loop, twice for adults and once for kids.