Friday, January 27, 2012

Jan 25, the Relay That Wasn't?

What happened to the relay?  Evidently, without Brian and Brent to take control, we fall apart.  Kudoes to Sharon and her friends anyway, for heading up there and trying to relay race, and many thanks to Sharon for another excellent report.  If anyone else made it up there, let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Bill, Rick, David, and I drove out to Cabin Creek with huge snowflakes flying towards our car, engulfing us like we were inside some mesmerizing video game. The parking lot was a thick mashup of snow-slush. Long easy glides on trails in some areas, and intermittent unexpected mid-glide suctioning in other areas. A lot of heavy thick snow on the trails -- much had fallen since the morning's grooming. The section of the Berg course near the Cabin and paralleling the Road looked ungroomed, and was difficult to maneuver in, let alone ski in, with all that fresh heavy thick and untracked snow.

Our two teams -- Rick & David, and Bill & Sharon -- were all psyched for the relay, strategizing ways to beat each other, on the car ride up. However, we did not see anyone near the sledding hill, where I thought the relay might start, at 6:30. We ended up just skiing the Road and the Berg a couple of times on this beautiful snowy eve. In the cabin, we found a sheet and recorded our names under 'Just Skiing'. Rick wanted to put down 'Fast' for his team's time, and Bill wanted to put down 'Faster' for our relay team's time. No relay, but a fantastic workout on a warm evening, and another fun and exhilarating mid-week break in the snow.

Just Skiin'
Rick Eineigl
Bill Lawrence
David Thurman
Sharon Chen
Next week: skating.  See you there!


  1. Max and Jeff did the relay and put down they time
    in the cabin. Brian and Brent, who?

  2. Yes! I found the results list from last week, so I'll update this post soon. Thanks!