Thursday, January 19, 2012

Headlamp Skiing, Locavore Edition

Why fight your way up to Snoqualmie Pass when we have multiple inches of beautiful soft powder right here in downtown Seattle?  I heard about headlamp skiers at Green Lake, Woodland Park, Seward Park, Kubota Garden, and even Sunset View Park in Ballard.  Here is a Green Lake report from Max Sevareid:

Greenlake was good skate and classic skiing last night.  Around 8PM, there were 3-4 skaters plus a few classic skiers.  While a little icy and choppy, the ground was groomed by foot traffic on the inside loop of greenlake.  It is likely still pretty good this morning.

And a shout-out to the downhill skiers on Dravus:

Next week, we'll hope for more drivable conditions at the pass for the first relay of the season.  The relay starts at 6:30, one skater, one classic, three sprint laps for each.  It's fun!

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