Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 4, Skating

Many thanks to Peter for sending me the race report, and kudos to all of you for scoffing at the monsoonish weather forecast and heading up there!

Temp ~40F, light to moderate rain, wet snow (DUH).

And more detail from Sharon (thanks, Sharon!):

Snow was surprisingly quite skiable and not too mushy or wet, though perhaps slightly heavy.  
The drive up to the Pass was pouring rain, changed to lighter rain on the east side of the Pass, then changed again to a continuous 'dry' rain (unnoticeable when you're having fun) at Cabin Creek.  Parking lot was a landscape of interconnected mini-puddles with a tiny patch of ice just outside Diana's door.  Dry rain, good snow, no winds, a little bit of parking lot swimming -- all made for a fantastic evening!

Skate, 5k, two laps

Brad Bauer, 37, 13:39 (clearly roller skiing with 75 pounds of twins is not slowing you down!)
Peter Boveng, 53, 14:28
Scott Shinneman, 34, 15:43
Jeremy Littell, 38, 16:16
Christopher Fast, 45, 16:23
Alex Horner-Devine, 39, 16:55
Owen Burbank, 22, 18:30
Spider Burbank, 57, 19:19
Peter Turcan, 54, 23:45

Nonconformists (2.5k, one lap)

Sharon Chen, 47, 15:12
Rick Eineigl, 53, 15:12
Diana Yuen, 29, 15:12


Jason Paur and 14 Bush School kids

Next week: classic -- a chance to get some specific training in before the Gunnar Hagen.  And don't forget to do your favorite snow dance!

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