Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 23, Classic

Thank goodness for Sharon -- she and her friends made it up to Cabin Creek on Wednesday night when almost no one else did (is everyone at the Birkie?), and she sends us this report.  Thanks, Sharon!

Rick, Eric, and I skated through fast, but sometimes 'suctiony', and thick, heavy snow on a night with grauple (those little pellets of supercooled water-covered snowflake balls) falling heavily all evening. 

In contrast to last week's hordes of headlampers, this was an unusual almost eerie evening with our group of three running into only one other skier one time on The Road, and only two others leaving the mushy parking lot when we arrived ~6:15 pm.  The Cabin did not radiate its customary warm glow, and appeared mostly dark with only a dim light visible from the sledding hill.  We did not venture up this dark lonely night to officially record our names under the 'Just Skiing' headlampers heading.  
Out on the Road, ~8:15 pm, we were startled by a loud booming thunder -- I was very happy to be with Rick and Eric, and not in the deep dark bowels of the Berg loop by myself, at this time!  Turned out to be avy control work near Gold Creek, and temporarily blocked eastbound traffic.  
An atypical headlamp evening, but still an excellent workout and fun mid-week outing skating on this snow and grauple-filled night, and with a new headlamper, Eric Roose!  

Just Skiin'

Rick Eineigl
Eric Roose
Sharon Chen

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