Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day Relay Update

I love Jeremy's fun idea for a co-ed Leap Day Relay this week, but let's face it: the ratio of men to women on Wednesdays nights is at least 20 to 1, and we're not likely to be able to field many teams!  So here's the plan: if you can put together a team, then great, put down a relay time.   But if you don't have a team, don't let that stop you from coming up and skiing -- we'll do a regular 5k skating race also.

Once again, I expect to be working late, so if anyone can pick up the sign-in sheet for me, that would be so helpful.  Hope to see all of you at least once before the season is over!


  1. Thanks for letting me off the hook Debbie - it turns out I might not be able to even be there due to a kindergarten open house. I guess I'll trade skiing mayhem for a different kind.

    We'll see what the trip up the pass looks like and what it does to attendance.

  2. Maybe you can bring all the kindergartners skiing -- it would be focused mayhem! But thanks for the creative idea.