Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb 8, Classic

Many thanks to Brian for this report and for picking up the results for me, while I slaved away over a hot computer.

Variable snow night.  Zeros started out good, got slippery as the tracks were skied in.  Had to know where to ski on the ups later in the evening.  Klister was also problematic as the snow change as it cooled…a bit of spitting snow/rain around 5:30, but all in all a nice evening!

Masters, Classic, 5k

Brad Bauer, 14:55
Brian Dumais, 15:50
Chris Fast, 17:01
Gareth Hardwick, 17:13
Jon Fewster, 17:30 (check out his Konig Ludwig Lauf report at!)
Richard McClung, 18:17
Robert Hardwick, 19:21
Max Limb, 20:06

Jim Cahill, 20:32
Dale Bohm, 21:00
Elise Stacy, 21:34
Jeff Clark, 21:58
Ian Whyte, 26:50
John Stacy, 27:32

Just Skiin'

Jason Paur
Three Bush Kids
Jon Loeffler
Eric Kamila
Sharon Chen
Dan Gilchrist

Karel Bauer
John Garibaldi

Next week: skating!

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