Monday, March 12, 2012

Mar 7, Classic

I love Sharon's reports; they get better and better each week!

Arrived at Cabin Creek on a light and bright evening atypical of headlamp nights, in a parking lot of frothy meringue with frozen ruts, peaks, dips, and tarns.  Joining our adventurous crew this day were fun (and funny) and fine folks from Marmot, Mountaineers, meetup, Alabama, and Canada.  Bill classic skied the Berg for an official race time.  Linda and Allan cleared the Road tracks, while Diana, Eric, and I skate skied the fast, sometimes smooth, sometimes slick icy Road.  While we glided along, a few constellations popped out, along with Jupiter and Venus, the luminous planet-pair gracing our night sky these past few weeks.  After snapping some group pics, we meandered to the Cabin to officially record our names, hang out, and chat with Birkie participants, a Madshus rep, and a few Kongsberger Lycra-clad regulars.  As we walked back outside, a beautiful moon, just one night shy of being full, cast a warm expansive glow down the Road.  Another fun headlamp night.
Classic 5k

Jon Fewster, 41, 14:41
Peter Boveng, 53, 14:54
Brent Turner, 58, 15:32
Christopher Fast, 45, 16:48 (all double poling)
Jeff Clark, 58, 20:53
Ian Whyte, 49, 23:10
Bill Lawrence, 62, 33:30

Just Skiin'

Jason Paur
Joy Cordell
Diana Yuen
Linda Caputo
Allan Walsh
Sharon Chen
Eric Roose
Brian Palm

This week, aleady, is the last week of headlamp skiing!  Skate/classic relay (non-gender specific), or just ski, and potluck dinner with awards and draw prizes in the cabin afterward.  Say goodbye to headlamp skiing and all your headlamp skiing friends for another season ...

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