Friday, March 2, 2012

Feb 29, Leap Day Relay or Skate

Many thanks -- again! -- to the unstoppable Sharon Chen, for doing the relay and sending me this report.  "Half a foot of fresh fluffiness" -- love it!  Anyone else?  Is there a sign-in sheet floating around, waiting for me?

Compact snow over the pass, and half a foot of fresh fluffiness in the parking lot at Cabin Creek!  A beautiful winter wonderland with large snowflakes falling all evening, though a bit challenging skating in half a foot of snow post earlier morning (~9 am) grooming.   
Bill L and I did the official Leap Day Relay! : )  Bill classic skied in the tracks, and I attempted to skate (actually slog my way) through the deep skate lane, utilizing the tracks whenever I could.  We did two laps each on The Berg with the PK Loop.  This is maybe the first time I've wished to be a classic skier (though I can see picking up this technique some time in my future, maybe.)  Unsure Bill L will be up for partnering again on a relay given my super-epic time, though it was a challenging and good workout.  Still, I think we might have been the only boy/girl classic/skate relay team out on this beautiful snowy night!

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