Friday, February 15, 2013

Feb 13, Skiathlon

I was trapped late at work, so Chris Fast sends us a mincing-no-words report: "The snow was soft, but the weather was nice."  Thanks, Chris!  It looked like a lot of people came to ski, but not necessarily to skiathlon.  That's cool; it's just nice to see people out there on a Wednesday evening, doing whatever kind of skiing makes them happy.

Next week: skate.  Don't forget: the real Kongsberger Skiathlon is this Sunday -- 7.5k classic, 7.5k skate.  Sounds like fun!

Classic/Skate Skiathlon
Brad Bauer 39 13.11
Chris Fast 46 15.15
Max Limb 67 17.11
Jeff Clark 59 18.11
Jim Slyfield 55 18.20
Robin Pederson 59 22.16
Joy Cordell 58 23.10
Just Skiin'
Jeff McGrew
Dale Bohm
Ian Whyte
Matt Sheeks
Alexandra Isbell
Fang Zhang
Adrienne Haase
Benjamin Cape
James Evans
Anthony Evans
Marcia Trussell
Whit Hammond
Craig Hammond
Hana Tinka
Kelsey Jones-Casey
Ryan Jones-Casey
Heidi Wood
Jim Wood
Doug Reid on the Viking loop
Jason Paur and 13 Bush kids on Ozbaldy

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