Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 20, Skate

Many thanks to Chris Fast for picking up the results last week while I was busy exploring the backwoods of northern Wisconsin between Cable and Hayward with 7,000 new friends.  Here is his report on the conditions:

Conditions were very firm and a bit icy, so very fast skating, provided you could stay out of the center classic grooves left over from Sunday's race that had not been completely groomed under.  I managed to crash twice in the downhill straight section between the road and the Berk-Viking fork (i.e., the easiest part of the course).

Two Laps
James Evans 13.02
Chris Fast 46 13.44
Brad Bauer 39 13.45
Jim Wood 14.09
Dale Bohm 16.23
Mike Renes 17.00
Bernd Drenk 17.05
Jeff Clark 59 18.05
Ian Whyte 18.30
Heidi Wood 18.36
Adrienne Haass 29 20.25
Joy Cordell 58 22.36
Gina Jackson 23.47
One Lap
Matt Shecks 7.45
Anthony Evans 8.04
Ingemar Sonnerup 13 9.25
Cooper Jackson 9.40
Jordan Ewing 16 10.02
Delaney Jackson 12.30
Just Skiin'
Jeff Hashimoto
Uhuru Hashimoto
Apollo Hashimoto
Gavin Scoville
Gwynn Scoville
Jerry Scoville
Isak Larson
Peter King
Anders Repsher
Rolf Sunnerup
Nils Melbourne
Tim Melbourne

Next week: classic.  Good luck to everyone heading to the Swedish Vasaloppet!

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