Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 10, Classic

Snow, beautiful snow, falling falling from the deep dark sky, cuddling the tree branches and tickling our eyelashes and raising everyone's spirits. Winter isn't over yet; perhaps the east coast's Snow-mageddon is sending its extra snowflakes our way.

It seems like almost every week there is a real disparity in conditions between the early starters and the later ones: sometimes the early skiers get the fast conditions, sometimes they get the slow ones, but never has it been more true than this week. Ozzie reported icy fast conditions in the early afternoon, before the snowstorm hit, while Peter, one of the last skiers, in the midst of the snowstorm, had to stride down the hills, his klister icing in the heavy wet snow. That's what makes Wednesday night headlamp skiing so interesting, and comparing times with your arch-rival so challenging!

Next week: skating. Good luck to everyone going to the Jente Loppet and the Spokane Langlauf ... and the Olympics! Go, Roberto! Go, Holly!

Masters, 5k
Rune Harkestad, 45, 14:11
Jeremy Littell, 36, 16:27
Tim Melbourne, 41, 16:48
Brent Turner, 55, 16:54
Brian Dumais, 52, 17:04
Brian Palm, 50, 17:55
Robert Hardwick, 51, 18:19
Kyle Nagle, 36, 18:45
Jason Paur, 39, 18:57
Jim Slyfield, 52, 19:03
Dale Bohm, 51, 19:45
Peter Boveng, 51, 19:47
Rolf Sunnerup, 44, 20:55
Steve Eastwood, 52, 21:21
Rob Lehtinen, 29, 21:30
Jim Cahill, 49, 21:41
Eric Kamila, 36, 22:22
Jim Wood, 27, 25:48
Debbie Kolp, 56, 26:40
Ann Grodnik, 34, 27:02
Will Scales, 33, 27:44
Elizabeth Bailey, 49, 28:53
Jakub Koška, ??, 28:00
Jo Smith, ??, 33:12
Tomáš Koška, ??, 38:00

Tiny Juniors, 2k
Nils Melbourne, 8, 8:37

Just Skiin'
Ozzie Nordheim
Maria Balsamo
Joy Cordell
Per Johnsen
Frank Harris
Bert Larsson
Paul Kaald
Kare Gjolmesli
Inge Scheve
Zac Altencey
Brad Bauer
Keith Ritland
Jeff Hashimoto
Carey Gazis
15 Ellensburg kids
Ingemar Sunnerup
Finn Sunnerup
13 Bush kids
Greg Jacobson
Peter Turcan
Chris Moore

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