Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb 17, Skate

Thanks to Tim, Maria and Ann for updating me on race conditions. It sounds like it was a great night for skiing: a little slushy earlier in the afternoon, but firm and fast after Robert groomed and the temperature dropped, and millions of stars! There were fewer people than normal, due to midwinter break for kids, but those that were there enjoyed the evening. Only four more weeks of headlamp skiing left, so TiVo the Olympics, grab your friends, and come on up!

Masters, 5k
Brent Turner, 55, 13:44
Chris Fast, 43, 14:13
Jeremy Littell, 36, 14:15
Kyle Nagle, 36, 14:25
Tim Melbourne, 41, 14:29
Rob Lehtinen, 29, 15:46
Dale Bohm, 51, 16:27
Mona Deprey, 43, 16:38
Jim Wood, 27, 16:44
Eric Kamila, 36, 17:18
Ann Grodnik, 34, 18:16
Maria Balsamo, 45, 20:44
Elizabeth Bailey, 49, 21:13

Tiny Juniors, 1.5k
Nils Melbourne, 8, 6:10
Magnus Melbourne, 10, 6:19

Just Skiin'
Brian Palm
Jeff Hashimoto
Carey Gazis
13 Ellensburg kids

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  1. Great blog!
    Please add my friend Bill Whitmore and me (Sharon Chen) to the "Just Skiin'" list for 2/17. It was our first time skate skiing with headlamps. Enjoyed the explosion of stars in the night sky, and the Big Dipper at the end of The Road! : )