Thursday, January 15, 2015

Headlamp Season Begins!

Many thanks to girl reporter Sharon Chen for sending me this great report from the first headlamp skiing of the season, while I slaved over a hot desk.  I hope to get up there myself one of these days, but for now, it looks like there is skiing to be had!  Keep checking Nick's grooming report for up-to-the-minute updates.

Here is Sharon's report.  Thanks, Sharon!

A great skate night!  Many thanks to Nick for maintaining the trails so well given our challenging lack of snowfall and higher temps.

Skated The Road, and The Berg with PK loop.  Soft loose thin layer of corn snow on top of the fast kind-of-shiny slicker packed snow -- made for wonderful long fast glides later in the evening.  
We ran into Sam Naney and his band of high energy junior ski racers piling into the Momentum Northwest van on our arrival.  Sam and his Momentum crew are headed to the Junior National Qualifiers in the Methow this weekend!  
Saw the Bush kids as well.

Just skiing -
    -  Sharon Chen
    -  Eric Popowski
    -  friends of Speedy Casper (Jon Fewster):
        - Carmi - Madshus guy
        - Jeremy - Madshus guy
        - Liza - not Madshus employee
        - (Rafeal?) - another gal, not Madshus employee
     - Sam Naney and Momentum Northwest junior racers
    -  Bush kids

A few other skiers out there.  I started a sheet with names, hoping others would add to it; maybe they did.  However, we were the last car in the parking lot (and it was only ~8:45 pm).

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