Thursday, January 29, 2015

Race Report from Chris

People,  I have a little bit of an idea how hard Nick is working to move snow around and create a course we can ski on, so I almost don't even want to post Chris Fast's bleak report from last night!  FWIW, I know Nick was focusing his efforts on the Berg loop for the headlamp race and Chris headed out on the Viking loop and the road, and I did read on Facebook that the Berg loop was in pretty good shape.  it's rough down there on the lower trails, though, so get yourself on up Amabilis this weekend, and keep doing those snow dances!  Winter's not over yet!  And thanks, Chris, for venturing out there and sending us back the story.

Small turnout tonight.  Temperature right around freezing.  The course was rock hard with patches of blue ice and a few bare spots on the main road. I didn't even venture onto Berg.  Viking had multiple bare patches, and the snow was a solid mass.  The hills were scary, because you couldn't tell if there were bare patches just around the next corner.  I crashed twice while double poling on the main road - that's how icy it was!  It felt like crashing on a road bike, only without the blood loss.  I acquired the most interesting bruise I've ever had. 
Daytime Just Skiing:  Ozzie, Gunnar, Grete, Gene, Paul, Pat, Suzanne, Rob, & Jim 
Evening Just Skiing:  Ian Whyte, Eric Hansen, Steven Nagode, Nolan and two friends 
Racing (double poling out and back on main road):  Jon Fewster 12:53,
Christopher Fast 15:29 
Unless the freezing level drops and it really dumps starting Sunday, there will be no skiing next week.

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