Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Update

A lot of work was done on the lower trails to try to pull off a Gunnar Hagen this weekend, but coupled with a non-cooperative weather forecast, it's probably not enough to handle a 30k race.  So the Gunnar Hagen is canceled, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of what snow there is and Nick's most excellent grooming with some headlamp skiing!

Check out Nick's report here:

I won't be able to go, so if you do, send us a report and share the fun with all of us!


  1. The third week of January just seemed too late to start the Wednesday night season, so I took the afternoon off, downhilled a few laps at Summit West and continued to the cabin in daylight, where many Kongsbergers, having skied many Ks, promised great conditions on their way out. Confirmed! Nick is definitely making a case for MVG (most valuable groomer). Nursing a knee suffering from a flat pre-xmas downhill landing, I opted for the Viking over racing, but Dale is rumoured to have flashed the Berg in 19 and change. Go Dale! Jeff was up, too, tho he didn't race. There were lots of Bush kids and Dale said that the eastside Jeff was there with his young crew, but the cabin was empty when I left, and I confirmed that Chris was not coming up, so I turned out the lights and locked the downstairs door.

    Never underestimate the power of positive thinking when it comes to Wednesday night skiing!

    1. Hey Ian (and Dale and Jeff)! Missed you guys out there. We were at Cabin Creek ~6:30 - ~8:45. Great skating last night!