Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jon's Wednesday Night Report

Great information here from Jon about trail conditions art Cabin Creek and the work Nick is doing so we can ski.  As Jon says, go get some!

I am super impressed with Nick and the herculean work he has been doing on the trail to keep us skiing!  More on this below...

Yesterday at Cabin Creek there were at least three groups of skiers:
- Norwegian "Boys" group during the day
- Ellensburg Ski Team in the afternoon
- Night skiers - I counted 9 of us. 

The road was ice with some sugar on top.  Tracks were pretty good in most places.  Only a few places where the gravel or pavement was showing through.  SUPER FAST! 
- I double poled the road on skate skis, and was flying!  During the race, going to the end of the road and back only took 12:53!

The trail were showing some more brown.  I skied the Berg and Chris Fast skied the Viking.  This would have been easier in the light, rather than with headlamps. 

When I left at 9PM, Nick and his Dad (?) were just starting their work.  Since temps had just dropped below freezing, they were starting a big project: They were taking snow at the end of the parking lot, moving it across the highway to the ski trails, then, using snowmobiles and trailers, hauling the snow out onto the brown spots on the trail.  He and I discussed how many there were and where they were.  From his posts at 7 and 8 AM, it seems that they worked ALL NIGHT to bring us good skiing for this weekend! 

Nick's blog post talks about work - and that is an understatement!  I expect we will have fast skiing on the trails and road through the weekend.  While you still may need to watch for some dirt, I expect the brown spots are greatly diminished and Viking and Berg should be good to ski all the way around.  Go get some - and if you see Nick, please thank him!

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